Zucchini stuffed for summer

3rd August, 2011 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

This is the time of year when people sidle up me at the growers market with a desperate look in their eye and beg me for any and all recipes for zucchini. This is also the time of year when anonymous bags of squash get left in my car during the night, but I try […] Read More

Eating from the garden

28th June, 2011 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Many chefs are also very talented gardeners – which makes sense. If a person wants to have total control over as many of their ingredients as possible, growing their own is the logical conclusion. Kitchen gardens have a long and proud tradition and we are lucky enough to live in an area with a long […] Read More

Zucchini for all tastes

7th September, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

The summer zucchini invasion has not let up and someone left a bag of squash on the front seat of my car in the middle of the night. Clearly, there needs to be more uses for these besides muffins and stir fries. A fellow chef from the midwest passed this week’s recipe on to me […] Read More

Zucchini muffins now and later

12th July, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Anyone who’s wandered through any of our local farmers markets has probably noticed that there’s a lot of zucchini out there. It is now the time of year when zucchini and other summer squash start being left on doorsteps in the dead of night. Zucchini are typically picked while small and very young zucchini with […] Read More