Eating from the garden

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Many chefs are also very talented gardeners – which makes sense. If a person wants to have total control over as many of their ingredients as possible, growing their own is the logical conclusion. Kitchen gardens have a long and proud tradition and we are lucky enough to live in an area with a long […] Read More

Swedish open-faced sandwiches

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If you are ever in the mood for simple, flavorful food that also looks beautiful, check out Sweden. They have elevated the basic sandwich to an art form and made it its own culinary group – which is the least you would expect from the people who gave us Ikea and Abba. The weather has […] Read More

Thai shrimp curry

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Thai food is great for this and the recipe below can be assembled in under ten minutes, making it a great choice for a quick, healthy weeknight dinner. The sauce can be made in advance to speed up the prep work even further. It begins with shrimp – which have the advantage of being the […] Read More

Grill up some jumbo shrimp

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Something to keep in mind when perusing the grocery store aisles is that not everything that is for sale is worth eating. Oh sure, we all know about the high fat, low nutrient stuff, but what about the food that could be perfectly tasty but took a wrong turn? I’m talking about cooked and frozen […] Read More

Salt Shrimp: Magic in simplicity

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One of the tricks of cooking that’s nearly impossible to teach and can only be learned through hard experience and much tasting is knowing when to leave well enough alone. Sometimes, a combination of very few ingredients is all that’s required and anything else is overkill. I just returned from two weeks in Italy where […] Read More

Spring rolls of summer

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Despite the fact that we are currently in high summer, this is the perfect time for spring rolls. The herbs are fresh and abundant and spring rolls require minimum cooking – just boil water. They do require a little technique, but nothing too fancy. The spring rolls pictured were made with Thai basil and shrimp, […] Read More