Strawberries: Proof that Mother Nature love us and wants us to be happy

25th April, 2016 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

I made a long overdue visit to one of the local Farmer’s Markets in Midtown Sacramento yesterday. If you haven’t hit one up yet, this is a great time of year to get re-acquainted. All the spring fruits and veggies in full display and the early summer stuff is starting to make an appearance. One […] Read More

India’s contribution to jam

17th June, 2014 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

The nights have been getting cooler and the days are starting to follow suit. Which means it’s getting time to strip whatever is left out of the garden and either saute it in some olive oil for dinner or figure out how to stash it in the freezer for later. One classic way to preserve […] Read More

Season of the mango

18th May, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Seasons can be tracked by smell much better than by the calendar. The smell of wood burning in a kettle grill will always signify summer despite when Memorial Day weekend falls. Odds are good that if you’re standing outside with a grill fork in your hand, then you’d rather not be inside doing anything else. […] Read More