Pumpkin pie – light and cool

22nd November, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Thanksgiving dinner is a cherished tradition: turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, bread. All our favorite starches and sauces in one place. To end the meal, consider a lighter version of the classic pumpkin pie. Pumpkin mousse pie delivers all the same flavors without the bulk and has the added advantage of being a cold pie – […] Read More

Pie flavor in a cookie

20th September, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

One of the things I love about cooking is that it’s consistent. Cream together butter and sugar, add flour and other good things, bake in a 350 degree oven and you will always get cookies, or cake, or any number of tasty items. It’s comforting. There are also days when you really need a cookie. […] Read More

Light ending to a big day

23rd November, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Thanksgiving Day. Characterized by making more food than can be comfortably consumed in one sitting, football and being grateful for all of it. Bring it on, I say. At the end of the holiday bacchanal there is always dessert. There are those who claim that there is always room for pie. I have found that […] Read More

Pumpkin for breakfast or any time of day

2nd November, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

By January the idea of pumpkin anything is enough to send me fleeing from the room, but in the early days of November, a lovely bite of warm pumpkin flavored goodness sounds like a pretty nice idea. Since pie can only carry a person so far, I’m always on the look-out for interesting things to […] Read More

Smaller is better

24th November, 2008 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

There is a trick that professional cooks often fall back on for special occasions: Change the size. Rather than make a dozen regular cupcakes, make 50 tiny ones or one giant cupcake. It’s the same amount of work and ingredients, but the presentation is much more impressive. This trick can be applied to almost anything. […] Read More