Italian garnishes the easy way

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Originally published in the Grass Valley Union on Sept 7, 2011 A lot has been written about Italian cooking, (possibly the biggest understatement to ever come off my keyboard), and frankly, most of what’s been written makes it sound like a massive undertaking. Italian cuisine is mostly about attention to details: making sure that the […] Read More

Olive Oil Cake – really

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Next week is the final few days of the Eat Local Challenge and it’s always good to end on a sweet note. Despite the fact that sugar is not produced anywhere near here, you can still make an amazingly tasty cake using local flour from Grass Valley Grains and olive oil from several local producers. […] Read More

Kale for the end of winter

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This is a good time of year for soup. This is also a good time of year to have a recipe on hand that can be cooked in one pot on any heat source in a fairly quick amount of time. In the event of a power outage, having something to whip up can be […] Read More

Lemon curd used lots of ways

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There is no produce like free produce, until there’s a whole lot of it. Usually, this time of year, everyone is safe from the vegetable overload, but then the Meyer lemons start to ripen. I was given a very large bag of Meyers last week by a friend with a very prolific tree. Meyer lemons […] Read More

Savory lavender chicken

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Lavender and food have had a long association. Usually in desserts and for good reason, lavender that has been steeped in milk or juice has an intensely floral flavor that pairs very well with sugar. On the other hand, lavender can also work in savory dish too. The trick is to throw it in at […] Read More

When life gives you lemons…..make pasta

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I visited a friend this weekend who has a tendency towards gardening. We had a great time together and I was getting ready to leave, she casually mentioned that I should grab a few lemons off the tree in her backyard. Never one to turn down free produce, I grabbed a bag and headed outside […] Read More