Strawberries: Proof that Mother Nature love us and wants us to be happy

25th April, 2016 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

I made a long overdue visit to one of the local Farmer’s Markets in Midtown Sacramento yesterday. If you haven’t hit one up yet, this is a great time of year to get re-acquainted. All the spring fruits and veggies in full display and the early summer stuff is starting to make an appearance. One […] Read More

Tomato-free gazpacho

27th July, 2011 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

The weather is currently hot and will remain so until we all finally melt. One of the many challenges of getting through a heat wave is eating; it’s too hot to think about cooking and the idea of heating hot meal is less than appealing. This is a good time to start exploring cold soups. […] Read More

A simple French dessert for summer

14th June, 2011 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

The first farmer’s markets of the season have begun and local, seasonal fruit is finally – finally! – starting make an appearance around here. I tend to eat most of my fruit raw and straight from my hand. My rational being that it’s about as good as it’s going to get, so why mess with […] Read More