Eggs in a cup

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The benefits of eating an organic diet are widely known, the part that’s never talked about is how to afford it. Organic food is more expensive that non – and there’s really no avoiding that fact. When deciding how to spread the grocery budget around, the way to get the most bang for your organic […] Read More

Frittata for a healthy lunch

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This time of year the vegetables are coming fast and furious and they are all delicious. The problem is that are only so many salads a person can eat before vinaigrette fatigue sets in. So what is another way to prepare lots of vegetables that is quick and doesn’t heat up the whole house? Enter […] Read More

Spring time the Italian way

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It’s always interesting to see how a dish evolves once it leaves it’s home base. Depending on the taste buds of the people cooking, ingredients can get added in that the original creators never dreamed of. Or, depending on what’s available, things get left out that some would consider indispensable. No matter what, the dish […] Read More

Breakfast in hand

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Breakfast is the key to a good day. Like all keys it can sometimes be elusive. Everyone know that a balanced meal should include fruit or vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and usually something sweet to round it out and make life worth living. But getting all that in one place while also trying to get out […] Read More

A hot breakfast, layer by layer

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As the holiday approaches and our extended families pile into our homes, it’s time to start scouting out meals and dishes that can be made ahead of time. Preferably far enough ahead to allow us to sleep in for an hour or two. That’s where the strata comes in. Layers of bread, cheese and anything […] Read More

Chinese soup for cold and flu season

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When cold and flu season moves in, having a good, quick soup recipe on hand is nearly as important as stocking up on tissues and warm socks. The best soup is one that will chase away the bugs and hopefully make you feel better at the same time – or at least less miserable. Egg […] Read More

Flan: A cool finish to a spicy meal

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Flan is one of those desserts that’s great any time of the year, but perfect at the end of a warm summer day. Cool and slippery, it is ice cream’s slightly fancier sibling. A Mexican cuisine staple, it pairs well with any spicy foods. I like it at the end of an Indian meal. Making […] Read More

Demystifying hollandaise sauce

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Hollandaise sauce has a reputation as a tricky sauce best attempted only by professionals under certain conditions. In reality hollandaise is a quick sauce that goes well with fish, eggs or vegetables – especially the asparagus coming into season right now. There is a bit of technique involved, but nothing too complex. The only equipment […] Read More

Fancy French eggs

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Omelettes are the cheaters way to impress someone at breakfast – or any meal for that matter. At it’s core, omelettes are scrambled eggs that haven’t been, well, scrambled. A well-made omelette looks impressive on a plate and can be customized to any palate. The kicker is that they are hard to make for a […] Read More