Turn turkey into a curried soup

29th November, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Happy post-Thanksgiving one and all! Hopefully you saved your turkey carcass and have already made stock. If you haven’t, then this column is for you. Stock is one of those ingredients that divides the cooks from the people who merely eat. It has a hundred uses, freezes well and doesn’t need much minding, so it […] Read More

Thai shrimp curry

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Thai food is great for this and the recipe below can be assembled in under ten minutes, making it a great choice for a quick, healthy weeknight dinner. The sauce can be made in advance to speed up the prep work even further. It begins with shrimp – which have the advantage of being the […] Read More

Curried Carrot Ginger Soup to warm you up

13th October, 2008 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Through various boring quirks of fate I wound up with about fifteen pounds of carrots in my fridge last week. I like carrots, but that’s a lot for my household to go through in the given amount of time. Also, my freezer is already full of ice cream, frozen chicken backs and Chinese oyster sauce. […] Read More

Curry Addiction: How to get your fix

1st September, 2008 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

My last 10 weeks of culinary school were spent working in an upscale Indian restaurant in downtown San Francisco. As a result, I went from someone who was rather lukewarm on Indian food to someone who started craving curry on my days off. I ate the stuff five days a week, often twice a day. […] Read More