A gingerbread treat for Santa

22nd December, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

It has long been proven that the area of the brain that holds our memories is very near the area that processes scents. Which is why certain scents can transport us back in time to the first day of school, a swimming pool on a hot summer day or our grandma’s kitchen during the hoildays. […] Read More

C is for chocolate, chip and cookie

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Chocolate chip cookies. Say those three words to any group of people and a positive response is nearly guaranteed. It’s hard to go too wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. Served warm with a glass of cold milk or on either side of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, they improve any day. The perfect […] Read More

A cookie for everyone

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For some odd reason I seem to know about the half the people in the country who can’t have wheat. The other half is made up of people who are some form of diet. And they all request goodies at the holidays. Because wheat or gluten-free and low calorie while also being sweet and festive […] Read More