Forty reasons to eat garlic

12th April, 2011 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

The weather has been toying with us: sunny during the day, chilly at night, not winter, not yet spring. Blah.  It’s not warm enough for an entirely cold menu and still cool enough that having the oven on is a nice idea. Combine that with the fact that chicken has been ridiculously cheap lately and […] Read More

Fried chicken the easy way

28th March, 2011 - Posted by admin - 1 Comment

Fried chicken regularly makes the list of favorite American meals. It’s been with us for a few centuries now and it’s hard to improve upon the basic recipe: Flour, oil, chicken. Cheap, tasty and all you need to make it is a deep skillet. I’ve made fried chicken many times and the part I always […] Read More

Wing it

31st January, 2011 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and with it comes the day of Super Bowl food. According the internet, 5% of the year’s consumption of chicken wings occurs on Super Bowl Sunday, for a total of over a billion wings eaten on one day. That’s a lot of wings. And they are generally served up […] Read More

Balsamic marinated chicken

23rd August, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

There is a saying in cooking: What grows together, goes together. In other words, things that thrive in the same kind of soil or part of the world generally play well together in the kitchen as well. A great example of this is garlic and rosemary. Both native to Mediterranean regions, they grow in the […] Read More

Orange chicken, Asian style

16th August, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

I had an interesting request from a client last week: Make her favorite take-out Chinese dish healthy. The dish in question was orange chicken. Orange chicken is a good example of a meal that has lost its way. The dish originated in the Hunan province of China. Located in the south east, it has a […] Read More

Thai one on

31st May, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

America being the melting pot that it is has the luxury of many different cuisines within our borders – and a few that we just made up on the spot. Pra ram is one that was pulled from thin air, it’s also a great accompaniment to the spring greens that are coming up right now. […] Read More

Chicken pot pie – freezer optional

24th May, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Usually this time of year I’m haunting the produce stands plotting the best way to get all the new fruits and vegetables on my grill. Unfortunately, spring is being leisurely in arriving this year and I’m still making use of my oven. One the best things to pull out of a hot oven is a […] Read More

A jerk by any other name….

12th April, 2010 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Hot countries tend to produce hot food. There is a reason why Norway is not known for their spicy cuisine. Eating spicy stuff creates a sweating reaction – which can be useful in the tropics. As we head into spring and summer, having a sweat-inducing recipe in your collection can be useful. Caribbean countries have […] Read More

Coq au Vin: Approachable French cuisine

28th December, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

French cuisine has a reputation of being fussy and something only skilled chefs should attempt – and never ever try it at home. For some dishes, this is true, but most French food is just good, basic cooking. For instance, coq au vin (pronounced “coco vin”) is chicken stew with red wine. No more, no […] Read More

The whiter side of chili

21st October, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

One of the lesser known hazards of being someone who cooks is that people tend to leave things in my kitchen expecting me to do something interesting with them. Case in point: beer. I am not a beer drinker. Never have been and probably never will be. However, people come over, bring beer and leave; […] Read More

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