Quick Asian Green Beans

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As we head into Week 2 of Eat Local Month, the question gets raised of how local should we be? Personally, I’m a big believer in the perfect being the enemy of the good. In other words, even though it’s nearly impossible for every meal to be made up entirely local ingredients, there’s no reason […] Read More

Tofu the Asian way

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Back in the land of really flat states, beef is the go-to protein for any meal that’s not chicken. Soy products and tofu are looked upon with something akin to suspicion – people who eat these things and enjoy them are considered colorful at best and possibly socialists at worst. Because of these attitudes, I […] Read More

Orange chicken, Asian style

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I had an interesting request from a client last week: Make her favorite take-out Chinese dish healthy. The dish in question was orange chicken. Orange chicken is a good example of a meal that has lost its way. The dish originated in the Hunan province of China. Located in the south east, it has a […] Read More

Thai one on

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America being the melting pot that it is has the luxury of many different cuisines within our borders – and a few that we just made up on the spot. Pra ram is one that was pulled from thin air, it’s also a great accompaniment to the spring greens that are coming up right now. […] Read More

Potstickers: A universal food

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Food is the universal language. Sharing a meal is the oldest form of hospitality there is. I suspect because we all come into the world looking for our first meal, it’s a feeling everyone can relate to. Study world cuisine long enough and eventually the similarities start to become more obvious than the differences. There […] Read More