Light ending to a big day

23rd November, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Thanksgiving Day. Characterized by making more food than can be comfortably consumed in one sitting, football and being grateful for all of it. Bring it on, I say. At the end of the holiday bacchanal there is always dessert. There are those who claim that there is always room for pie. I have found that […] Read More

C is for chocolate, chip and cookie

12th October, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Chocolate chip cookies. Say those three words to any group of people and a positive response is nearly guaranteed. It’s hard to go too wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. Served warm with a glass of cold milk or on either side of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, they improve any day. The perfect […] Read More

Blondies: The chocolate alternative

31st August, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

A thick fudgy brownie with a cold glass of milk is a thing of beauty. Dark in color, moist in crumb, studded with nuts or chocolate chips – or both, a brownie will perk up any bad day. But sometimes chocolate is overkill. Sweet but not overwhelming is what’s needed. Enter the blondie. Often described […] Read More

Soup for a hot day

3rd August, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

In honor of Eat Local Month, this week’s column will focus on a dish made with local fruit and honey. Gazpacho, vichyssoise and borscht are all classic cold soups. There is another category of cold soup that’s starting to make in-roads in this country: fruit soups. Cold fruit soups are well-known and popular in Europe, […] Read More

Zucchini muffins now and later

12th July, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Anyone who’s wandered through any of our local farmers markets has probably noticed that there’s a lot of zucchini out there. It is now the time of year when zucchini and other summer squash start being left on doorsteps in the dead of night. Zucchini are typically picked while small and very young zucchini with […] Read More

Flan: A cool finish to a spicy meal

22nd June, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Flan is one of those desserts that’s great any time of the year, but perfect at the end of a warm summer day. Cool and slippery, it is ice cream’s slightly fancier sibling. A Mexican cuisine staple, it pairs well with any spicy foods. I like it at the end of an Indian meal. Making […] Read More

A berry trifle for Spring

4th May, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

All cooks eventually learn that dessert is a magic trick. Take sugar, eggs, flour and assorted other ingredients, add heat and suddenly you have a wedding cake or donuts or cookies. One of the best desserts to pull out of a hat is a trifle. Trifle is an English dessert that has been around for […] Read More

A South African specialty in honor of Pi

9th March, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Of course everyone has their calendars marked for Pi day this coming Saturday (3.14). If you were debating how to commemorate this most auspicious mathematical date, I would like to direct your attention to our culinary brethren in South Africa. They have created a wonderful dessert known as the milk tart. Milk tart came to […] Read More

Happy Birthday to somebody

23rd February, 2009 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Sometimes a birthday comes around that is so special, so noteworthy, that merely walking into the grocery store and placing an order with the bakery is not enough. My good friend Emeril Lagasse often refers to “food of love” – that is, anything that takes time and effort to make. For me, birthday cake falls […] Read More

Blood oranges: A rosy treat for the New Year

31st December, 2008 - Posted by admin - Comments Off

Every year I look forward to mandarin season. Having grown up eating them from cans, I’m always delighted when the first bag lands in my kitchen. I’m usually so distracted by the mandarines, I’m entirely surprised when the blood oranges start to turn up in the stores and produce stands. Blood oranges look like regular […] Read More

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